Julian Whittaker
Whittaker Guitars
Ph: 0417 586 905

Many thanks to the following for their support, encouragement, advice, knowledge & forbearance.

Mary (workshop widow).
Saul Whittaker, Tony Ford, Barry Martin, and others (they know who they are!), for great support & encouragement.
Darrell and Mark Whittaker, my brothers, who are wonderful, inspiring craftsmen.
John Kunert, furniture designer/maker for wood wisdom and more than a few choice lumps of lumber.
Dennis Orr, my occasional 'road-tester', the 'classic' Oz pub-rock guitarist who has worn out more guitars than I'll ever make!

I've removed a few suppliers credits here, as most of them aren't interested in supplying to a low-volume builder like me, it's just about the bottom line to them. (Fair enough, but don't expect any respect coming back!)