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Bunya T


Body: Enhanced Tele styled Solid Bunya. Sunburst Burn finish.
Neck: Blackwood Bodyblend with Australian Ironwood fretboard and jumbo frets, Carbon Neck Spar.
All finished in hard gloss 2-pack clear.
Hardware: Gotoh tuners, Gotoh bridge .  Honky Dimarzio Tele pickup set- with that genuine punchy Tele twang.

Decoration: Heat treated titanium Spar Cover and black Lexan scratchplate.

Countless hours were spent redrawing and refining the classic Tele body shape so it is now elegant and well proportioned (unlike Leo's original which does look a bit clunky in comaprison).

I like this one for country rock and blues playing, it's got that great edgy twang sound typical of Telecasters, but in a more luxurious package.